I am a 42 year old mother who lives in the State of Maine. I am a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, and manipulator. Yes, all three are in the recovering process. I have not drank in 10 years, drugs in 8 years, and it’s hard to say when I started working on the manipulation part of me.

I have wrote two short educational books which you can review here:



I have currently a legal guardian of four children that were taken from their mother and placed in States custody a few years back. The children were subjected to drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse. It took me a year to be granted guardianship, but these kids helped me as much as I wanted to help them. They gave me a purpose. I have two sons of my own who have been amazingly supportive.

I now have a degree in Psychology and currently working on my degree BA Criminal Justice in Social Services.

I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1 with Psychosis when I was 26 years old and have suffered greatly. I have also caused suffering over the years.

I am here to tell my story and help people understand that you should never underestimate the underestimated. I failed many things in life and I have failed many people, but here I am. I am here to explain how all my failures became my reasons to succeed. How I changed and molded myself, might have taken decades to achieve, Listen to my story and lets help one another conquer the mishaps of yesterday. The best battles are fought while uniting together, rather than standing alone!