Glamour Shots and Craig

When I was almost 20 years old my Mother insisted that she wanted updated pictures of my sisters and I,  the ones she wanted were called Glamour Shots. You can clearly see by the pictures I wasn’t really in a Glamorous mood (hung over).


My mom loved the pictures and I couldn’t wait to get out of that place. I was a tom boy all the way, looking like this, just wasn’t who I was nor who I wanted to be at that time, just plain fake.


I didn’t see myself as being pretty enough for the perception the pictures were supposed to portray you out to be.

In the parking lot as we were leaving a black Monte Carlo pulled up, T-tops off, windows down, and a dark (not bad looking) Italian man driving. My mother always called me a social butterfly (among other things) and up to the car I walked. We chatted for a few and exchanged numbers, come to find out, he only lived 11 miles from my mothers house. His name was Craig.

Craig and I started dating and soon after I moved in with him. We argued a lot right from the beginning. reasons like, he didn’t like my friends, he didn’t like my drinking, and he hated I was outspoken and wild. Craig was what I’d call a goody mamma’s boy, but for some reason he was intrigued with me. I was just intrigued to have a BF that had a nice car, had his own place, made good money, and always defending and fighting for me.

I cheated on Craig many times and I’d justify it with the false belief that he was doing the same. I had come to understand that sex and the false illusion I wanted him bad, was the cure for most of our arguments.  I complained to different men about how verbally abusing Craig was and how he would never let me be myself. Truth of the matter was, he loved me and everything I said about Craig was a lie. He didn’t deserve anything I was dishing out to him. He always found good in me even when I was being awful to him. Although my thought process at the time was that I was never going to caught, or he’d never find out. I believe now, that he knew the whole time.

It wasn’t until he set me up (yes, I fell into a trap I deserved) that he caught me red handed and ended our relationship. Yet, he still wanted to be in my life as a friend. But of course, I made Craig look like the bad person once again, and fell into the arms of graham.

To Be Continued….



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