Blazing Fire Blasting

1984 was a very difficult year for me. Still at the age of 9 and not long before turning 10 my mom decided divorce was her solution. We didn’t see my dad as often as we had before yet he still stayed in a cottage not even a mile from our house. My dad tried hard to convince my mom otherwise, but her mind was set.

One day right after the divorce was final in 1985, my sisters and I got ourselves off to school. Getting ourselves off to school in the morning was normal, as my mom was heading to work shortly after she’d wake us up. This particular morning was different. We arrived at school and within minutes we were being called from class to be greeted in the hallway by the principle and our Nana (Beatrice Hayes). We were all smiles thinking she was there to snatch us from school to do something fun (which she had done before). Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case at all. She was teary eyed and didn’t tell us what was going on until the car reached a straight stretch and we could all see the smoke rolling up into the sky, fire trucks with there flashing lights, the flashing lights of police cruisers, and lights from an ambulance all sparkling in the near distance.

As we pulled closer and stopped tears and fear struck us all as our home was blazing. We lost everything that day. Everything except the clothes on our backs. Not sure if what ever happened to cause the fire was ever told to me, but I always had the feeling and still from time to time wonder if my dad did it to us. After the fire we were forced ( all 5 of us) to live in a small camper on my grandparents lawn. The money my mom had saved for rent and such went up in flames with our home. I remember cars visiting us in our camper, coming and going constant for a week, all dropping off clothes, toys, books, and more. The community helped us through this tragic event and how grateful we were. The memories still haunt us all today.

To Be Continued…..


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