More Blasting

Below is a picture of my family taken not that long before the puppy punishment happened.  I am the taller blonde of my 3 sisters. The man standing behind me is the man who thought that punishment was justifiable (my father). If I’m going to blast everything about my life, I might as well not leave any of the details out.


After the punishment of the puppy and weeks of feuding between my mom and dad, they decided to live separately.  Dad only lived a mile away and took us kids sometimes to get something to eat and then brought us right back to mom. I believe he only did it to see our mom anyways.

He continued to drink and continued to start battles with my mom at her work and at our home (usually late at night). Got to the point he’d show up just to blow cookies in the driveway, push and damage my mothers car so she couldn’t drive it to work, and stagger around in the driveway screaming how much he hated all us for his unhappiness. Even went as far as coming into the house late at night one night. I could hear him talking low with my mom in the other room. Then voices started to rise, I remember feeling the nerves tighten in my body and the overwhelming feeling of getting sick.

Then, my whole room lit up by the living room light because my bedroom door flung open. My father with furry came at me with my mom screaming to leave me alone and grasping at his arm to make him stop. As my eyes grew big quickly I covered my face with my hands. His large hands covered the top of my head and his fingers closed with a fist of hair. With a head of hair in one hand and my mom hanging off the other, I was dragged from my bed and tossed into a corner of the living room. I was in a ball crying in the corner he had left me and every time he screamed for me to shut the F*** up, I would cry harder.


To Be Continued…..






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