Blasting The Punishment

After the big fight my dad was kicked out for awhile. Here is the punishment I was explaining about, remember it’s not for the weak stomach types.

He came to visit us two days after he had left and that’s the night he brought that puppy. We (my sisters and I) all sat on the couch fighting over who was going to hold the puppy next and who held him the longest. It wasn’t until I realized that my mom had to work that night and dad was there to keep an eye on us, then my heart dropped. Yup, that gut wrenching, I’m going to puke feeling. I walked on eggshells that night as my dad watched TV and guzzled back his Milwaukee Best brand beer. It was when he said, “Okay girls, bed time, and you (pointing at me) can have a seat on the couch, because we need to have a talk” that if I’m remembering correctly made my heart stop beating for a moment.

I sat on that couch in total silence for what seemed to be hours (probably 30 minutes). Watching him guzzle his beer, smoke his cigarettes, shake his head (as if going over his thoughts in his head), and make absolutely no eye contact with me. It was when I picked up this little black puppy that was sprawled out on the couch beside me onto my lap, then his head snapped to look in my direction. He never took his eyes off from me as he staggered to his feet, walked over to the couch, and sat right beside me. He pets the puppy while it was in my lap and asked me if I loved the puppy. I only shook my head yes, I think I was too scared for words to have come out properly and I was trying to stay composed as my dad got angry when a child (especially his child) cried and sobbed like a baby.

Then, with precise accuracy his hand cupped the bottom of my face and pulled me in close to his. I can remember the smell of his breath, the redness of his eyes, the anger in his demeanor, and the spit frequently peppering my face as the words started to flow from his mouth. “Do you remember what I said would happen if you tell your mother?” he said. I couldn’t help the fact tears rolled down my face, I tried to be strong, but at the age of nine, I had absolutely no control over it at this point. The next words out of his mouth scared me more than his hand still cupping my face. “Now you’re not going to scream, you’re not going to tell anyone, and you’re NOT going to say a word to your mother about your punishment tonight. Correct?” He said, with the meanest look of discus I had ever seen. Again, all I did was shake my head, I didn’t really see I had a choice at this point. Then the unthinkable and unforgivable punishment unfolded. He released my face and within seconds snatched the puppy from my lap, held it up to my face, and with one twist of his large thick hand, had snapped that puppies neck. The puppy went limp, my eyes grew, and my hand cupped my mouth in shock. “Now go to friggin bed” were the last words he said to me that night. The next morning, I remember dad not being there, but my mom was sad. She told us that she was sorry, that the puppy must have been sick and had passed away during the night. I so badly wanted to tell her, but out of fear I never told a soul.

To Be Continued…


7 Replies to “Blasting The Punishment”

    1. Agreed! With telling my story, I am hoping to help others overcome their trauma. Reassuring, they are not alone. There is no doubt a lot of evil in the world, it’s my decision to show everyone there is good.


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