Blasting Back Into My Past

While I was sitting and pondering about my next few postings, I realized that the best way to get my story out, was to just start at the beginning. So, I am going to blast myself back into my past and start at the beginning and post twice weekly my life. In return, you will have a better understanding of who I am, understand why I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1 with Psychosis, and why I have a mission to help others.

From the age of 5 till I was 7, I lived in a small 2 bedroom trailer with my mom, dad, and 3 sisters. Yes, the space was cramped. We lived with no power and no water access on the property. All cooking was done on a wood stove, lights were by lanterns, baths were by our mother pouring spring water from 5 gallon buckets over our bodies as we washed ourselves. During winter months and with plenty of snow on the ground, my sisters and I carried buckets of snow in the trailer to thaw for cooking the next day. I didn’t have an easy life that was for sure.

My father was an alcoholic and a mean one at that. My mom worked 2 jobs and was sad most of the time. She always told us it wouldn’t be this way forever. I remember thinking that the way we lived wasn’t so bad, except for a few facts. We (my sisters and I) weren’t aloud to have friends over to visit, we weren’t aloud to go to friends homes, and being with all my sisters cramped into one small bedroom.

To be continued…..



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