Parenting 101 Lesson

Something popped into my thoughts as my sisters boyfriend had slapped the hand of my nephew. His exact words were, ” No, you do not hit me” as he slapped my nephews hand for hitting his leg to get his attention. Keep in mind my nephew is only 1 1/2 years old. Here is the lesson: How can you teach a child that it is not appropriate behavior to hit if you are hitting them as punishment? You are suppose to be setting an example to these kids. Kids learn by mimicking their parents words, actions, and reactions. So hitting your child because he/she is hitting gives the child a mixed signal and an unclear notion whether hitting is permitted or not. So before you punish a child with the same actions your suggesting is not permitted, try a more productive approach. For instance, talking to the child of why hitting isn’t permitted, a time out for hitting, or something that excludes hitting back.


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