Learned Skill # 10

Have you ever been a shoulder for a friend, family, even a stranger you had just met and hear them say, “I have nothing, what am I going to do”? OR, “I have the worst luck in the world, why bother”? Even, “I hate my life, I just wish it was over”? There are so many other examples of conversations we have heard over the years of a depressed, grieving, or mentally unstable person. These people just need you to listen and give them a reason to be happier, guidance if you will. Some people lose site of positives in their life, even if the person is homeless, going through a divorce, or have lost a loved one. Pointing out positives can really have an impact on another persons emotions. It doesn’t matter how little the reassurance of a positive thought is your giving someone, with all the negative thoughts they have, it’s like planting a beautiful seed in a withered garden. You can be their shoulder to lean on, their ear to listen, and their voice of reasoning. Everyone needs someone, why can’t it be YOU!

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