Learned Skill # 9

While some people have never endured pain like I have, some will have endured far more, point being that everyone feels pain. Whether we lost someone we loved, been treated badly, treated someone badly to cause hurt, depression of loneliness, or any other reasons we feel pain, we will never know what others are going through. Everyone handles pain differently because everyone has their own unique thought process. You are not mind readers (well you might be), just because we don’t understand why someone over-reacted, broke down when asked a question, or decided to get drunk, doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting in one way or another. Everyone reacts to stress in their own unique way. So, with all that in mind, respect other peoples decisions, have empathy for other peoples feelings, and be a shoulder to lean on. We are not judges, we need to live with one another regardless, why not make it a more pleasant stay for everyone.

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