Learned Skill #4

Blaming others for our decisions is so easy. Imagine not blaming others for our own actions. Yes, my dad was an alcoholic, but it definitely wasn’t his fault I chose to drink my first beer with my friends. It was because I thought it would make me feel better. Instead it made me angry and out of control because when I drank I couldn’t handle my own thoughts. Even when I’d get into fights, I never really asked myself what fighting accomplished. It never took the pain away, it never made me feel better about myself, and it never made me feel in control. Anger is a feeling that will grow and grow if you keep feeding it memories of hate and discontent. What has happened to you or me in the past is not the blame for the actions we put in motion now as an adult. As an adult we make our own decisions, we are the master of our own domains, and we have choices. So we need to stop blaming others for our actions and start taking responsibility of them.

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