Learned Skill #3

Forgiveness is an important skill to learn and except as well. Yes, it is much easier said than done. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1 with Psychosis about 15 years ago. All caused by PTSD from my childhood. My father was not a nice man and that’s an understatement really. But through counseling  (4 years)  I had to learn to forgive. I had to learn to forgive myself and to forgive the circumstances as well. Meaning, it wasn’t my fault I had an alcoholic of a father, it wasn’t my fault when I was left in his care alone, and it wasn’t my fault that my father preyed on a little helpless child. This thought process worked for me on just about every terrifying, hurtful, and unforgettable experience I endured when I was a young child. I believe this thought process could help you as well, whether you have endured more or less than what I have. Either way, it is important to forgive yourself and all of the circumstances.


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